Commuter Etiquette

I have spent a lot of time on public transportation , more than I would have liked. So I think I know a thing or two about how to be a model citizen. For awhile now I have been irritated with my commute to and from New York and the MTA hasn’t been solely to blame (although they do play a huge part) it has been the People! Some just have no home training and are completely oblivious to the world around them which generally causes more damage to my day. So here, finally a list composed of all things you should and should not do on ANY form of public transportation. Please advise.

  1. When using the escalator the right side is designated for standing while the left is used for walking. DO NOT STAND ON THE WALKING SIDE OF THE ESCALATOR. If you see a line of people standing behind one another where in your brain does it tell you to be the odd man out and stand on the left? Now is not the time to be a star. If you choose to walk down the walking side, please put some pep in your step. If you’re going to walk slow you might as well just stand.
  2. Let people come off before getting on. You being rude and rushing in will only cause congestion and unnecessary body touching with a stranger. The people getting off will free up space anyway so just wait your turn.
  3. Give up your seat to an elderly  person and/or pregnant women. This really should go without saying but I have seen females give up their seat faster than some men. We’re all tired but not as tired as the 80-year-old.
  4. Your bag is not a person move it! No one cares about you huffing and puffing because you have to re adjust. You didn’t buy two seats so get over it.
  5. GET YOUR KIDS. Yes kids are kids but they are also people and everyone needs to learn how to conduct themselves in public. Teach them. If you child doesn’t know how to keep their hands and feet to themselves you have bigger problems.
  6. Don’t you dare take up an entire sidewalk walking leisurely with friends and/or family. Who do you think you are? Now the rest of us have to slow down and join you on your brisk walk- I think not. Move to the side. Also kindly move to the side if you need to stop and take a picture of some soft.
  7. You should always be ready. Have you bus ticket or money handy before it is your turn. There is just no excuse for all the time you have been on line  for you to  not to be prepared when the bus driver is ready. Nothing annoys me more than someone fumbling through their bag or wallet looking for what they need while the world is waiting.
  8. Manspreading has got to stop. It’s just plain rude. Close  your damn legs.
  9. No one wants to hear your music but you. That goes for your conversation as well. Keep all noise to a mute or learn how to use your inside voice. No , ya know – just don’t talk at all.

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