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Drinks at SOCO

So I went out after work to catch up with a friend and she happened to be in Brooklyn. Since I don’t venture to Brooklyn as much as I should so I decided to meet her out there. I heard a lot of things about SOCO  and it was time try it.  The venue was nice, warm decor, perfect place to meet with a group. The bartender was nice and very knowledgable which always help. We made it just in time for happy hour but we were only allowed to have few select items as the kitchen was closed until dinner.

I’m not sure who thought that would be a good idea but I would like to have the option of more than three things to eat during happy hour. With that being said, the wings were pretty good! Nothing like I had ever tasted person and  I almost ordered another round. Kisses to the chef! I stayed long enough to have dinner and the prices were a bit high and the menu wasn’t as extensive as it should be. I went for the chicken and waffles because I always have to try it when it’s on a menu, but unfortunately I wasn’t blown away. I will probably go back to try the other food but  I say just stick to the happy hour  . You won’t feel like your money is being wasted.

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