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Fashion Maven of the Week: Shawn Gatlin

Name:Shawn Gatlin

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

IG: @sweetdreks

Facebook: Shawn Gatlin

Twitter: @ShawnGatz

Describe your style:

I believe my style is cross-functional between Southern and trendy chic. If I like a trend, I will absolutely insert it into my wardrobe, but I always add a bit of Southern flair. Most of my clothing is very minimal, I love to bring things to life with large hats and additional accessories!

Favorite places you love to shop:

90% of my shopping is done online, I generally hate going into stores, especially in NY…unless there’s a sample sale of course.
Nasty Gal (before they were bought out)
Aldo Accessories

Favorite item you own:

Definitely my black top hat! I wear a hat at least 3 times a week, but I dust that bad boy off for special occasions.


Who’s closet would you love to raid:

Hands down, Janelle Monae. I adore her classic and effortless style. The pieces she wears are always crisp and creative. She’s my personal favorite, elegance at it’s finest.

Items your sick of seeing/trends you wish to end:

I really dislike mule slides. On everyone, I don’t think anyone can pull them off. #worsttrendever


Favorite go-to outfit:

Jumpsuits! They’re such easy pieces and you can literally wear them on any occasion. I also love pants so it works.


The best place to find quality clothing for a decent price:

Because I live in New York, sample sales are a thing. My favorite sample sale to date is Tracy Reese. She’s one of my favorite designers and the prints and fit of her pieces resonate with my entire being (yes I’m dramatic lol). Nonetheless, during her sample sale, you can get some quality items for up to $150 per piece.

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