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Fashion Maven of the Week: Ianthe

 Name: ianthe (EE-on-Thee)

From: Chi-town || Raised: H-town || Currently: Cali

IG: @iantheism || YT: iantheism || LIVE.Me: iantheism


 Describe your Style:

Because I was raised by an older parent, my style, my music choice, and my entire mentality has been influenced by my upbringing. I’ve always been fascinated with “the good ol days,” the “back in the day” days; of which my mother would constantly reminisce about. I am the classic vintage of the 1930s-1950s; the bohemian-free & flowy spirit of the 1960s; the glittery-glam, disco lights of the 1970s; the grunge-y /hip-hop girl of the 90s; and the every-in-between girl who experiments with fashion from every culture & tribe. I love my style to say I’m a classic woman; a woman that only exist in those old movies. I dress as I feel, but normally my hairstyles set the precedent for the mood of my style. I’ve always been known for my hairstyle & and outfit choices throughout my life, and in fact, those are what I pride myself on! Because I am creative –an art lover; the very process of getting dressed, applying makeup, and changing my hair is an art form and is a way in which I fully express who I am and what I’m about to the world. Combined with my sense of self; I am a force.


Favorite places to shop:

My mother’s closet. Thrift stores of the world. Top Shop. Urban Outfitters. American Apparel. Super Shop 24hrs. I don’t have specific stores, I just live my life and when something catches my eye; it goes into my closet. My wardrobe consist of pieces given to me; pieces I’ve bought during my travels; or last-minute items.

Favorite Item you Own:

My high-waisted orange bell-bottoms from American Apparel. If I could wear them everyday I would because they fit my body so well and they fully fit into my 1970s vibe.



Whose Closet would you raid:

@RobynTheBank, aka Robyn. She’s an amazing fashion blogger & singer! Seriously, check her out! I grew up with her and her younger sister –my BFF Raven, so they are basically my sister-friends. When Robyn moved out to LA, I remember being so amazed by her fashion and the risk she would take; that she influenced me to try new styles and be bold with who I am and how I dress. Her fashion is so amazing, she’s worked with some amazing fashion brands, and she has some interesting shoe & wardrobe pieces, of which I’ve seen and want! If I could live in her closet, I would!



Items/trends You’re Sick Of Seeing:

This “everything” spandex trend kills me. Woman are literally paying $20-$50+ for cotton-spandex crop top & matching leggings aka workout clothes and calling that an outfit? I just think it’s getting too much hype and those outfits are basically the gym outfits Alicia Silverstone & Stacey Dash wore in the movie Clueless. They are glorified workout clothes that have been paired with heels. That’s not fashion, it’s just a different way to showcase your body. It’s minimalism at its height, but maybe I should sell it and make a killing (lol).




Favorite go-to Outfit (photo included):

OMG has to be an outfit that happened on accident! Flowery black, bell-bottom pants (Target), striped, black & white turtle neck crop top (American Apparel), a beautiful silk kimono with peacocks artistically drawn on it (my mother’s closet, she got it in her 20s), and some olive green boots (Call It Spring). This outfit features, pattern-mixing; which is my favorite type of fashion because it’s not random; it’s actually very strategic. And if done correctly, it’s breathtaking! Basically, my friend Jasmine and I were in San Fran, and as it got later, we got colder. I had on a skirt & she had shorts, so we stopped into a random Target to find pants. I found those pants on sale for $6.99 and when I put them with my striped shirt & kimono, it was magical. We actually had an impromptu photo shoot in the Target dressing room because I loved the juxtaposition of all my patterns with this bold red wall. But, that is my favorite outfit because it truly captures who I am; creative, bold, complex, and an old soul.

Favorites Inexpensive Places:

Target. Forever 21. I’ve found great pieces here to add to the diversity of my wardrobe. Forever 21, is excellent for pieces to add to your wardrobe & if you already know your style; you can construct an entire outfit that people would be surprised by. Also, go into any store’s sale section and you can find excellent deals! Urban Outfitters & Topshop have amazing sale sections; I always find deals & one of a kind pieces.



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