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Fashion Maven of the Week: Karla Mckenzie

Name: Karla McKenzie

IG: pslovekarla


Describe your style:

I would say my style is chic, comfortable/ tomboyish, and understated. I use to look at people for inspiration, but now I do my own thing and it really works for me. I also say understated because most of the time If I wear designer you can’t tell. I might have on a $50 outfit with some $700 shoes. You won’t even know it…



Favorite Places to Shop:

Dolls Kill, Zara, Asos, and TJ Maxx in Georgetown (this one specifically)


Favorite Item You Own:

Kate Spade Camera Bag (it is just bomb and I get so many compliments!)

Closet that I would love to raid:

My prophyte Kahlana Barfield, have you seen how awesome she looks all the time?




Items your sick of seeing/ trends you wish would end:

Furry slippers, slips over tops, super long weaves that go down to the calf.











Favorite go-to outfit:

All black with a bomb jacket, bag, and pair of shoes.












Best place to find quality clothing for a decent price:

 I would definitely start online, this is where I do majority of my shopping. If you have a vision try Etsy, you can find unique pieces for the low.

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