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Fashion Maven Of the Week : Vanessa Michelle


Name: Vanessa Michelle

Location: Central Jersey

IG: veequedas





Describe your style: 

My style is multidimensional.  I try to dress as simple, but fashion forward as possible. On regular day, I go for a very rocker-chic or Bohemian look; plaid shirts, Vans or Converses or high-waisted Palazzo pants with ethnic prints, and vintage rustic-gold jewelry. At night, my style can be complex but always classy, and tastefully sexy.




Favorite places you love to shop:

I’ve become an avid online-shopper. From NakedWardrobe to MissGuided, I can always find something that represents my style. Like many others though, I try to see what Zara, ASOS, TopShop, Nordstrom or H&M has to offer. Hidden gems that contribute to my style are ShopChrissZoe and Boohoo. However, I am open to shopping anywhere that caters to curvy, and sophisticated senses of style.





Favorite item you own:

Louis Vuitton Monogram Print Cosmetic Bag. This essential piece to my wardrobe is my Holy Grail and Savior. It’s lightweight, can hold an emergency pair of flats and basically matches anything that I put on. I’ve used it so much that it’s nearly destroyed, and I need to invest in another one, but overall, it never lets me down.




Whose closet would you love to raid:

Gosh. Not in any particular order:

  1. Karla Deras. Fashion blogger. Creator of @TheLineByK.
    @karla_deras on Instagram
  2. Kiran Matharoo. Fashion blogger. Master of aesthetic.
    @kiran_matharoo on Instagram
  3. Shannen Jai. Fashion blogger. Creator of that dope IG, bent down pose.
    @shannenjai on Instagram
  4. @BBXMBAF on Instagram because her style is comfy, cute and upscale.
  5. Nichole Lynel. Creator of ShopNicholeLynel & master of the high-waist pant.
    @nicholelynel on Instagram
  6. Anna Maria. Fashion Blogger. Creator of @DateNightOutfit. Fashion & relationship goals.
    @xammasi on Instagram                                                             




    Items your sick of seeing/ trends you wish to end:

Neon colored lipstick. Overly filled-in and concealed eyebrows.
Other than makeup disasters, I think that all trends can be rescued by the right executor. Things that I thought I was sick of seeing, like chokers, can always be done right, by the right person. I don’t knock trends because someone out there will kill it and make me eat my words.





Favorite go-to outfit:

I don’t really repeat outfits, often. So, I would say jumpsuits, period. Give me a bomb jumpsuit, and I’m sold. You get a top and a bottom, for the price of one. And you can dress jumpsuits up with the right heels and jewelry. I can never go wrong when I find the right jumpsuit.




The Best Place to Find Quality Clothing for a Decent Price:

Zara and Nordstrom. Both of these stores have great variety and a decent price range. The variety of items they carry can fit in almost anyone’s wardrobe without having to break the bank on designer items.

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