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Fashion Maven of the Week: Michael Orta

Name: Michael Orta

social media: @yunghermoso on twitter

@h0odrich on IG/tumblr



Describe Your Style:

My styles been described to me as if the 90’s spit me out, or like one of the lost boys, sometimes like George Michael. I like tight jeans, and big shirts/jackets and big boots/hightop sneakers. And gold, everything gold.



Favorite Places you Love to Shop:

H&M is dope for the basics, thrift shops, my grandfathers closet.


Favorite Item You Own:

My favorite piece of clothing is a jacket painted in homage to Michael Angelo’s the creation of Adam.

Whose closet would you love to raid:

I feel like its almost a given but I’d love to raid Rihannas closet, even her comfy outfits are on point.



Items your sick of seeing/trends you wish to end:

  I hate boat shoes, salmon colored shorts, and those clout goggles, they’re all so ugly.

Favorite Go-To Outfit:

Favorite go-to outfit is a pair of black jeans, big biker boots, a cropped t shirt and a big bomber jacket.




The best place to find quality clothing for a decent price:

 H&M has definitely stepped it up for cheap quality clothing over the years, spend the big money on shoes/accessories.




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