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Fashion Maven of the Week: Ashley Tyrus



Name: Ashley Tyrus

IG: Lifestyledbyart




Describe your style:

 My style is very much based on how I feel each day, but overall I’d say its “comfort chic” – if there is such a thing! I like to purchase items that I can mix and match with other things in my closet, almost like a capsule wardrobe but I haven’t gotten that far yet because I keep buying new stuff! lol. I used to love patterned items but am now into more basic and simple pieces. Most of all everything MUST be comfortable to wear, no matter what.




Favorite places you love to shop: 

I love Zara and ASOS. Zara fits my style aesthetic and ASOS pretty much always has what I’m looking for, both at decent prices for great quality. Plus, I’m a really impatient online shopper and ASOS offers $19, 2-day shipping for a year, can’t beat it!




Favorite item you own:

It has to be my jean jacket! I loveeeee a good jean jacket because of how versatile they are. I can toss it over pretty much any outfit and make it cute. Recently, I had on a nice dress and heels and put my jean jacket over my shoulders and it made the outfit a bit more casual but still really cute and trendy, completely changing the look. A good jean jacket will never go out of style.



Whose closet you would love to raid: 

Definitely Rihanna! She has really come into her own as being a fashion icon and everything she wears makes me want to purchase it. Her style is very unique and she just does whatever she wants, which I love.


Items you’re sick of seeing/trends you wish to end:

 So funny, I literally had to google what the trends were right now because I don’t even keep up with them! LOL. I’m pretty over seeing stripes everywhere, even though I know that will ALWAYS find its way back into the fashion scene. Also collared necklaces… eh! lol it’s like everyone wears out the trends so quickly these days. You’ll see them on EVERYONE and then poof, they’re gone. I guess that’s because of social media.





Favorite go-to outfit: 

My favorite thing to wear on a random day is a jumpsuit, my faithful jean jacket, some trendy sneakers and a cute backpack or oversized bag!





The best place to find quality clothing for a decent price:

 Everlane, Asos, Fashion Nova and thrift stores! I have found a lot of my favorite pieces in thrift stores and Buffalo Exchange. Lots of things that have stood the test of time and been passed along. I love a good quality made item, which is rare with a lot of the companies designing and producing clothing these days! Small boutiques like Eden Sky in LA also have stuff I love that I can’t find anywhere else.





Head on over to to learn more about Ashley and her Cali Lifestyle.  The website  features healthy recipes, travel guides, tips to hosting seamless events, homemade beauty secrets, remedies, fun DIY projects + more! 

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