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My New Home in Mama Shelter.




My  fiance had to travel to L.A. for work so I immediately jumped at the chance to go.  He worked mostly during the day which allowed me to see my friends and see him at night, WIN.  I had my heart set on wearing this shear top but the weather wasn’t the best so I put on a white shirt underneath and it worked out fine.  The top was only $13.00 from Rainbow. YES RAINBOW! They have seriously stepped their game up and I’ve been able to grab some really good pieces from there that you would never expect. It’s my new favorite place to dig for cute affordable finds.


The first place my friend took to me was to  Mama Shelter and I fell in love! Mama Shelter was love at first sight for me , it really fit my personality. Sometimes you want to go out and get cute but you want to relax at the same time, and this is just the place for that. It’s actually a boutique hotel but it has the cutest restaurant and rooftop deck. The only US location is in LA which  needs to change immediately! I really loved it here and could see a bunch of these all over New York, if there isn’t anything similar.  It was  It was your classic vibe of cool, calm, and collected with fun lounge chairs,  games, and unique artwork. You can definitely find a new date, have a quick meeting, catch up with friends, or host a group outing.



Like any rooftop bar, it gets packed pretty quick, so your best bet is to get there at a decent time or to try to make a reservation. It’s a hot ticket so there’s a chance you’re going to have to wait until it clears out a bit. They add you to a waiting list and text you when they are ready so , it meant nothing to grab  a drink in the meantime.



Pictures courtesy of mamashelter.com



Most of the items on the happy hour were large sizes which is perfect for sharing.  I am a BLT girl so that  caught my eye immediately and I added on the sweet potato fries.  For some reason my sandwich  came with a slightly fried egg ( maybe this is their version) but it was soooo damn good!  Now when I order a  BLT  in Jersey I add a fried egg. Trust me its good. My friend ordered the  crispy chicken wings (which explains the bones on my plate..lol) and they were actually really good! I judge places off of their chicken wings and if you can’t get wings right you should wrap it all up can call it quits. The drink I ordered was ehh..ok…… but I can’t remember the name.





Not the best picture…but it was damn good.




Mama Shelter gets crowned as a “will return”. I love that it is casual but still a  place to be seen. It’s a great spot to pre-game, spend your night if you’re not in the mood for a turn-up, or a small brunch with old friends. You can get dressed up or not and you won’t feel out-of-place. 

The next time you are in LA make sure you stop in and don’t forget to tell them Lee sent you!!



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