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Brunching with Queens.

         Brunch ‘N” Grind and Embracing the Crown joined forces once again to bring us their second annual #ForQueensOnlyBrunch! This brunch series was created for women of color to come together to embrace, empower, learn from each other. There are vendors, the lovely DJ Sienna Chanel, and panelist, all their to fill us up. This year the girls reached out to Dolce Lounge in Elizabeth, New Jersey to serve as the back drop, and a variety of panelist to school us on the “art of bossing up”. Therapist and Philanthropist Nyeesha D. Williams, Media Personality Scottie Beam, Entertainment Reporter Sylvia Obell, Digital Media Maven Christina Brown, served as the panelist  and shared with us tips and tricks we need to survive in the industry and how to be comfortable in our own skin.
First off, who knew Dolce had such good food?!  I’m a Jersey girl but sadly it was my first time being there and well, I was definitely surprised. Red velvet waffles, shrimp & grits, the pasta, it was all so good! I gladly went up for seconds;)
   All of the panelist were so friendly and warm and spoke from the heart.   Lets face it, so many different organizations and personalities are all doing these kinds of events.  I am usually nervous about attending because I don’t want to spend money and hear a bunch of advice I can google, and that wasn’t the case here at all.
     Scottie Beam is hilarious and seriously needs to consider a second career path in comedy. She kept it real and reminded us that people, especially men, will try to take advantage of you but you don’t need to compromise who you are to get things that you want. I love that she stands firm in who she is and doesn’t make any apologies for it.
    Nyeesha was so sweet and so humble and spoke about how it’s important to be what you expect from a partner. It’s easy to just sit there and wait for the man to bring everything to the table but what do you have to offer? You can create a list of all of the things that you need and look for, but how many things on that list can you check off for yourself? It’s about being a team, and being a complete full person for whoever you choose to be with.
Sylvia is proudly representing for women of color over at BuzzFeed and I am happy to have her speaking on our behalf. It’s important to have some of us in the room for all situations to make sure our voice and opinions are being heard and she is fully aware of the power and voice she has and is not afraid to use it.



  Christina talked about how once you reach a certain level in life, the people who were once with you may no longer be there and that’s ok.  Not everyone is going to be able to handle your success and will just remove themselves from you life and it has nothing to do with you. It’s not going to be easy to pick these people out, you may actually be surprised at who are the ones who fall off, but everyone’s isn’t meant to sit at the table with you. You will find your core circle and the people mean to be in your life will appear.



  Thank you Embracing the Crown and Brunch ‘N’ Grind for having this in Jersey. Thank you for creating a space for black women to be honest and open. Thank you for having the men serve us! Thank you for allowing me to make new lasting connections. Thank you for allowing me to re-up on my FabYouLife products! LOL. And thank you for letting others know you don’t need to leave New Jersey in order to have a good time.
Thank you!


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